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Midwest Middle School Debate League

The Midwest Middle School Debate League organizes and conducts academic debate tournaments throughout the school year. It provides professional training, development, and support for teachers and community partners who coach middle school debate teams. Our summer programming includes a one week summer camp for rising 5th through 9th grade students. The MMSDL supplies debate files, instructional and coaching resources, and curriculum for participating schools. We also recruit and train judges, many of whom come from highly successful high school and college debate programs across the Chicago area.

The MMSDL now proudly serves more than 250 students from ten middle schools, and is expanding throughout the Midwest!

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Our Coaches

About: Staff

Camila Vicens

Nichols Middle School

Christian Kline

Bessie Rhodes

Elaine Purnell

Nichols Middle School

Eric Youngquist

Avery Coonley School

Drew Shilhanek

Quest Academy

Kim Ringgenberg

Quest Academy

Lane Lubell

Frances Xavier Warde

Zoe Weinstein

Ols St.Mary's School

JJ Stopyra


Laurie Montplaisir 

Ols St.Mary's School

Karol Schwartz


Kendra Simmons


Kyle Walk-Faust


Susan Thomas

Haven Middle School

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